Bicycling with Moliere

Bicycling with Moliere Release Date: April 25, 2014

A warm, funny, literate comedy in which two French actors portray two French actors, friends at odds with one another in every possible way, except their love of Moli√®re’s The Misanthrope. Lambert Wilson plays Gauthier, tall, handsome, and the beneficiary of a leading role in a ridiculous soap opera as a beloved cosmetic surgeon who “saves lives.” Fabrice Luchin as Serge has met with much less success, becoming a middle-aged curmudgeon who has renounced the stage to live on the glorious √Æle de R√©, off France’s Atlantic coast. Gauthier arrives on Serge’s turf to try to convince his pal (Luchini, in real life, a Moli√®re expert) to return to Paris to play opposite him in a new production. When not arguing or rehearsing scenes while biking, they consider their options as personified by a local porn actress and an attractive Italian divorc√©e, as well as the lure of island real estate.

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Starring: Lambert WilsonFabrice LuchiniZabou BreitmanMichelle DeVitoStéphan WojtowiczJoël PyreneÉdith Le MerdyCamille JapyJean-Charles DelaumeLucila SoláMaya SansaPhilippe du JanerandJulie-Anne RothÉdith Le MerdyOlivia AlgaziJosiane StoléruFreddy NailAnnie MercierCatherine RouzeauJoël PyreneStéphan Wojtowicz
Genres: ComedyDrama
Directed By: Philippe Le Guay
Runtime: 104 minutes
Total Box Office: 59.6 TH

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