The Skyjacker’s Tale

The Skyjacker’s Tale Release Date: June 30, 2017

The Skyjacker’s Tale tells the story of Ishmael Muslim Ali (formerly LaBeet), an American convicted of murdering eight people on a Rockefeller-owned golf course in the US Virgin Islands. After years of trying to get his conviction overturned, he took matters into his own hands and hijacked an American Airlines plane full of passengers to Cuba on New Year’s Eve 1984, and got away with it. Until now.

Thirty years on the FBI’s most wanted list and against the backdrop of his looming extradition to serve eight consecutive life sentences in the US, the film recounts the hijacking that got him here, re-examines his original trial and reveals, what the filmmakers want you to think is a gross miscarriage of justice. In a story that is more relevant than ever with racially charged police brutality and injustice constantly in the headlines, The Skyjacker’s Tale includes never before seen footage.

Is he a heartless criminal or a victim? The audience must decide. But what emerges is a picture of American government and law enforcement attitudes and actions toward their own population that are shockingly similar to the headlines of today.

The Skyjacker's Tale still

The Skyjacker's Tale still

The Skyjacker's Tale still

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Starring: Ishmael Muslim AliIsabella CarrBradley GordonMartin HussRobert IfediMargaret Ratner KunstlerPaul NorieMichael RatnerEmily Schooley
Genres: Documentary
Directed By: Jamie Kastner
Runtime: 75 minutes
Studio: Strand Releasing
MPAA Rating Unrated

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  • The Skyjacker's Tale still
  • The Skyjacker's Tale still
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