Mowgli Release Date: October 19, 2018


This big screen version of Jungle Book, now entitled Mowgli, is not from Walt Disney Pictures, but from Warner Bros.

In this live action version of the film about an orphaned boy living in the wild, Andy Serkis directs, and Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale and Benedict Cumberbatch star.

It is quite unusual that competing studios have the rights to one story. But with The Jungle Book, written over 125 years ago, there is no such thing as copyright, and anyone has access to the material for any way they wish to adapt it; film, television, stage, picture book, etc.


Starring: Cate BlanchettChristian BaleBenedict CumberbatchFreida PintoNaomie HarrisAndy SerkisMatthew RhysTom HollanderJack ReynorEddie Marsan
Genres: AdventureDrama
Directed By: Andy Serkis
Studio: Warner Brothers
MPAA Rating PG-13