Somm 3

Somm 3 Release Date: October 19, 2018

In the documentary Somm 3, in 1976, Steven Spurrier held the Judgment of Paris, a blind tasting where American wines beat out the classic French wines and put wine on a global platform. Wine critics like Jancis Robinson, one of the most prolific wine writers, started to influence what wine people drank. And then there’s Fred Dame, father of the restaurant wine list and the man that made the sommelier profession what it is today.

In Somm 3, these three legends of the industry sit down in Paris to taste the rarest bottles of their careers. Meanwhile, Dustin Wilson gathers the greatest blind tasters of today in New York City for a secret tasting similar to the original Judgment of Paris, with the goal to see if any of the world’s Pinot Noirs can stand up to the greatest Burgundies of France. In the end, both tastings cross with results that could change the world of wine forever.

Somm 3 movie poster

Somm 3 Trailer

Starring: Fred DameSteven Spurrier
Directed By: Jason Wise
Runtime: 78 minutes
Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films
MPAA Rating Unrated