Venom Release Date: October 5, 2018

The movie Venom tells the story of the Marvel villain who gains super powers after he is exposed to an alien.

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.

Oscar nominated actress Michelle Williams costars.

According to reports, Tom Hardy bares it all in the R-Rated film. This film is the second R-Rated movie in the Marvel franchise. The first R-Rated film out of the Marvel gate was Deadpool, and that became one of the highest grossing R-Rated movies of all time, (not accounting for inflation).

Tom Hardy Venom photo

Venom Trailer

Starring: Tom HardyMichelle Williams
Genres: ActionHorrorSci-FiThriller
Directed By: Ruben Fleischer
Studio: Sony Pictures
MPAA Rating R

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